CZ Interchangeable Roll Forming Machine

The cz purlin machines are specifically used to manufacture multi-size C and Z purlin channels, we manufacture automatic and aemi-automatic type CZ interchangeable purlin machines in china.
The first one is automatic anterchangeable CZ machine with the advantage of aasy to operate PLC based system used to change between C and Z purlin in an instant without any hustle.
The C and Z purlin produced by this machines are of high quality and scratchless material, and is best suited for sized from 30-300 mm and so on.
The machine’s parts are all made with precision and experienced personals, with optimum quality roll tools so you never have to worry about the quality.
The roll tools are carved in highly precise CNC machines which gives it best quality and long life as we say “quality & service are the main ingredients of our Machines”

Technical specifications:

Suitable material: GI
Product specification :
1. C width(100-300)mm Z width(120-300)mm, adjustable
2. Height (40-80)mm, adjustable
3. Lip (15-20)mm
Width of the raw material: 210-494mm
Rows of rollers: 14 rows
Appearance size: 10200x1450x1810mm
Thickness of raw material: 1.5-3mm
Productivity: 10-15m/min(base on the punching number), high speed 25m/min


Diameter of shaft: 75mm
Voltage: 380V 50Hz 3 phases
Weight: about 10T