High Speed Slitting Line

By the Slitting process, an entry mother coil of a certain width and weight is cut into several narrower and lighter daughter coils. Our slitting lines cover the complete thickness range starting from the thinnest aluminium strip down to 0.1 mm, to the thickest carbon steel coils up to 20 mm. The slitting lines are probably the equipment which require the highest degree of operator attention and skill due to the fact that a large number of slits are handled at the same time for feeding and evacuation and also the different tools set ups must be prepared in advance by the operators in a very fast and accurate way. Therefore all the auxiliary items around the line which facilitate those operations reducing down times are of crucial importance for a properly designed slitting line. Special attention is paid to changing of the tools; easy, fast and ergonomic strip feeding systems and slits evacuation from the tension reel. Along the years, we have developed intelligent solutions to tackle all these time consuming operations in an effective manner. Consist of the slitting line 1.Coil car 2.Uncoiler 3.Hold down roll 4.Leveler 5.Shear 6.Side guide 7.Slitter 8.Scrap winders 9.Loop table 10.Tension station 11.Separator 12.Recoiler