Light Steel Keel Roll Forming Machine

Light Steel keel machine is a strip of material, by continuous cold rolling molding, production of complex cross-section profiles (products: light steel keel, paint keel, cassette keel, a variety of architectural profiles, steel, steel-lined door profiles, high speed protection bar, etc.) and different sizes of cold-formed, paint unit equipment, PLC control. Application: It can widely used on furred ceiling. After crossing the zinc the light keels long time without rust.z Characteristics: 1. Plc control system, it is save to operate machine 2. High efficiency and low price 3. Good performance and low production cost Equipment list 1. Hydraulic Decoiler with Breaking device is equipped for coil processing. 2. Rollformer with tooling 3. Hydraulic cut-off machine 4. Run Out Table or automatic stacking device 5. Mitsubishi (Japan) PLC and Touchable Screen are used for data processing and setting. 6. Roll forming speed is 20 meter / minute.

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