Rack Upright Roll Forming Machine

This machine is fully automatic and high speed producing continuously, one set of forming rolls can produce various sizes of shelves just by simply changing the width and length settings on the control screen then machine will be adjusted by servo motor to get the correct products. The machine can be also complying with in line punching and bending-over to reduce the cost caused by the 2nd process. Main motor is AC motor with inverter to achieve high-speed massive producing. Quick or slow speed can be adjusted freely. In the end of the line there is a cut-off plus bending-over device to make the last process and the tolerance of the products length can be within ±1mm. Complete line consist of: Uncoiler Leveling unit / NC Feeder Power press / punching die set Roll forming machine Hydraulic automatic cut-off Products tacker PLC automatic control cabinet Specifications: 1. Raw material type: hot rolled steel/GI 2. Raw material thickness: 1 mm to 3 mm 3. Roll sorming speed: 6-15 m/min 4. Hydraulic punching or press punching 5. Gearbox / chain transmission